Software Testing & Quality Assurance Company India, QA Services India
Our Quality Policy

It is Company policy to supply high quality software and services. We aim to ensure that all our customer's requirements are met and that projects are completed on time and on budget. To formalise the provision we have nominated an independent post within Arete with responsibility for Quality Assurance with a direct reporting line to the Managing Director.

As a quality company, Arete believes that servicing customers does not consist of simply providing a piece of software or a single service. It involves working together to fully appreciate the customers requirements, both in terms of business and operational perspectives in order to provide a complete and satisfactory solution. This is particularly important when dealing with systems which may ultimately encompass the entire organisation.

We believe that the provision of tried and tested software and services together with proven training courses, all combined with Arete's experience and high quality customer care, will give your organisation the opportunity to provide a greatly improved quality of service to your users together with a potential reduction in operational costs.